Mr Aihara ,MASAAKI
Born in Tokyo, 1958

Education: Bachelor of Journalism, Department of Journalism (Newspaper/Printed Media), Faculty of Law, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan

Registered with ASAHI PENTAX as a professional photographer
Member of NIKON professional services

Ever since my first landing to this continent country, Australia in 1988, I became very attracted or almost obsessed to this continent.
I decided to end my life as a Salary-man (a company employee) in Tokyo and became a freelance professional photographer. I selected Australia to take my first step as a professional photographer. My decision to travel Australia at the time was based on a very simple reason. I simply thought that as Australia is the oldest continent on the earth I could see landscapes, sceneries, wildlife that I have never encountered with in any other part of the world. I spent three months travelling approximately for 18,000 kilometres by my motorcycle. It was camping trip mainly travelling Australian Outback. I slept under the stars every night, lived with the Sun, and travelled with the winds. I felt the toughness and harshness of nature under the extreme heat of Outback. I also felt depth of friendships from my Australian friends. We sang and laughed together. It was great.

The sceneries, the sunrise, the clouds, the sunset, the moon, the stars … All things I saw everyday were beyond imagination. I felt that it was all created for me. There were so many things that I could not experienced in Japan and so different from what I am familiar with, I became obsessed with the dynamics of Australia by the time I had to leave. I also became aware of my mission as I felt strongly about the earth as living thing and diversity of its environment and history are beyond our comprehension. I believe my mission is to document various form of expressions of the earth. I want to photograph not simply landscapes but also to capture the spirits of the earth with honor.

Since that time, I have been photographing Australia for 20 years. I have a ritual that is to communicate with the nature by bush camping. This has been keeping my body and soul in great form. I need to be accepted by the nature and be humble and honored to be given the opportunities. It seems that rocks, trees, waters, and desert are telling me to photograph them and I am merely taking the shots. I am a storyteller that existed in ancient Japan. I feel that I became a medium to pass the images of the earth on to the future generations.

I have been photographing Tasmania extensively since 1998. On my first visit to Tasmania, I felt stronger sense of depth and richness of spirits of the island than the mainland Australia. It almost made me feel like all living things on the earth were created in the island. Even after returning to Tokyo, the essence of eucalyptus forests that my body absorbed sunk even deeper in my body. I felt like I was becoming a part of the forests and returning to my origin. I feel that the more time I spent in the island, the more I see spirits in all things such as trees, rocks, moss. I feel that each small spirit is forming the spirit of the island of Tasmania. I hope my photographs will give an opportunity to feel spirits of Tasmania, Australia and our mother earth and I strongly hope we could pass this beautiful planet to the children of our future.



  • Oct 2004 - Apr 2005
    Talking to Spirit of The Land大地の精霊との対話
    Wilderness Gallery ,Cradle Mt, Tasmania , Australia
  • Feb 2006
    Talking to The Spirit of The Land
    Baltimore USA
  • Sep 2006
    Great Australia at FUJI FILM SP Gallery Photokina
    Köln Germany * Photokina is world biggest photography & imaging convention
  • Sep 2007 - Oct 2008
    風林光山 The Wilderness Gallery
    Tasmania Australia
  • Sep 2008
    Great Australia at FUJI FILM SP Gallery Photokina
    Köln Germany * Photokina is world biggest photography & Imaging convention
  • Feb 2009
    Talking to The Spirit of The Land
    Young Poong Book Store,
    Seoul South Korea
  • Jul 2010 - Aug 2010
    Double Portrait
    Lotte Department HQ Seoul South Korea
  • Sep 2010
    Landscape at FUJI FILM SP Gallery Photokina
    Köln Germany * Photokina is world biggest photography & Imaging convention
  • Dec 2010 - Nov 2011
    木霊 Kodama Spirit of Tree
    The Wilderness Gallery
    Tasmania Australia
  • Jan 25th 2013
    Spirit of Australia and Tasmania
    Produce by Australian Embassy Seoul
    Australia Day special photo exhibition
    Grand Hyatt Seoul


  • Nov 1995
    The Light From Down Under The Embassy of Australia Mita, Tokyo
  • Apr 1996
    Landscapes of Australia
    Keio Plaza Hotel , Shinjuku,Tokyo
  • Jun 1997
    The Heart of Desert
    Honda Welcome Plaza, Aoyama, Tokyo
  • Apr 1998
    The Heart of Desert
    Pentax Forum , Shinjuku, Tokyo
    Recorded approximately 13,000 visitors
  • May 1998
    Great Outback
    The Embassy of Australia , Mita, Tokyo
  • Jun 1998
    Great Outback
    Honda Welcome Plaza , Aoyama, Tokyo
  • May 2000
    地球日和 Chikyu Biyori
    Fuji Photo Salon , Ginza, Tokyo
    Honda Welcome Plaza , Aoyama, Tokyo
  • Aug 2000
    Pentax Forum , Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Sep 2000
    地球日和 Chikyu Biyori
    The Embassy of Australia , Mita, Tokyo
  • Nov 2000
    QANTAS Airways
    80th Anniversary Private Exhibition
    Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Mar - Sep 2003
    精霊の島 Spirit of The island
    Tokyo, Nagoya, Oosaka, Sapporo
  • May 2005
    Mother Earth
    PENTAX FORUM ,Shinjuku,Tokyo
  • Sep 2006 - Feb 2007
    Great Australia FUJI FILM Photo Salon
    Tokyo Nagoya Oosaka Fukuoka Sapporo
  • Apr 2008
    PENTAX – K20D Presentation
    PENTAX Forum . Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Jan 2009
    Double Portrait , Fuji Film Salon Sendai
  • Nov 2009 - Feb 2010
    FUJI FILM Photo Salon
    Tokyo, Nagoya, Oosaka ,Fukuoka Sendai Sapporo
  • Oct 2013 - Feb 2014
    しずくの国 日本 “Spirit of Nippon”
    FUJI FILM Photo Salon
    Tokyo Fukuoka Oosaka Nagoya Sendai Sapporo

Public Collection

  • Denmark Royal Palace
  • Australian Embassy Tokyo
  • Australian Embassy Seoul
  • FUJIFILM Europe
  • The Wilderness Gallery Tasmania Australia
  • Eslingthon Hotel Hobart Tasmania Australia
  • FUJIFUILM Head Office
  • Nikon Head Office